Birthday body pains.

I guess this is what adults say when they'd rather not even know it's their birthday. Haha. Seriously? My last 'teen' already? I am almost in disbelief. XD Well, life goes on. Time ticks on, and we're never getting any younger than we are at the moment. :)

And this post is pretty much aptly titled. The day of my birthday was also... *drumroll*... the day of our P.I. 100 (Life and Works of Rizal) fieldtrip to Banahaw! Happy birthday, indeed.

May I just say that I am a huge, and I mean HUUUUGE fan of clouds and the bright, blue sky?

Pseudo-autumn trees, hohoho~ :P

I think it's a tiny bit cheesy to take photos of things like this, but what the heck. XD

Ito po ang tinatawag na pinto ng kaluluwa."

A friend bought me one of these things (the necklace with the triangle-shaped charm on it). Kind of reminds you of Yami Bakura's millennium ring, huh? :P

Well in a nutshell, we climbed one heck of a mountain (not entirely literally)--which may I say drained the life out of me. I've never been one for strenuous activities--definitely NOT the athletic type here. But the main attraction of the fieldtrip, Husgado, made me feel nervous as hell. I don't know where the anxiety came from, really. I wasn't claustrophobic, neither was I asthmatic, but I started crying when we started crawling into the mouth of the tiny, tiny cave. It was really so cramped inside, even I (who people consider to be pretty petite) had a difficult time squeezing myself into the cracks. My head bumped onto one of the rocks overhead, and my left arm carelessly brushed one of the lighted candles.

When I left the cave however, I was scot-free. My arms and legs were dirty from all the cave soil, but not one bruise or scratch was on my body. Amazing. Guess that's my birthday gift. XD

Thereafter, we went to the stream, but not before encountering the steep stairs (where you'd literally hold onto the rails with two hands for dear life) leading to it. Talk about torture. :))

Then again, experience is unlike any other. I may complain of fatigue and worn-out muscles, but I'll definitely say I had fun. :)

Christmas Wishlist '10

Christmas Wishlist ‘10 (a.k.a The-Wishlist-That-Will-Never-Be-Granted)
In no particular order. :D

1) Nude lipstick
Doesn’t have to be a MAC like in this photo, though. It can be Revlon or whatever. :P It just has to be nude and preferably not sheer. XD

2) Classic black pumps
There’s nothing like a good pair of black pumps to match practically anything. ;D

3) High power zoom lens
The first time I got a hold of my aunt’s AF-S DX NIKKOR 55-300mm f/4.5-5.6G ED VR, I wanted to keep it forever. So yes, this specific lens for my D60, please. ;)

4) Manga
Preferably the Ouran High School Host Club volume series, yes? :D

5) Brass camera necklace
Let me put emphasis on brass since gold or silver doesn’t work for me. XD I remember ogling at a tiny stall in a mall housing these babies, had them priced at 180 PHP each.

6) NEWS LIVE album
Hohoho. Fandom strikes again! Admittedly not my favorite among their releases, but cool cover plus bonus footage spells it for me. :D

7) Copic markers
These aren’t your ordinary markers. NOT like Sharpies, Stabilo, or Crayola. These do wonders. Like give traditional artwork a really cool CG-effect look. Plus, they blend awesomely. Unfortunately, these are priced wonderfully too. *le sigh* D:

So yeah, my current wishlist. PRZ to be seeing this, Santa? 8’D

(Reposted from my Tumblr; photos not mine)

Fic: Holding Hands

Holding Hands
Word Count: 1,479
Rating: PG
Characters: Akanishi Jin, Yamashita Tomohisa, Kamenashi Kazuya
Genre: Romance, Humor
Summary: Because sometimes, love is simply subtle.

Author's Notes: Long overdue fic for surfwithanalien  (formerly uchihakitsune ). Yes, Yamapi is 23 here because I wrote this early last year, and I'm not changing that detail.

( Jin felt like mentally rolling his eyes. This person in front of him wasn't his bestfriend. This person was probably a con artist impersonating Yamapi, and totally failing at it in the process. Seriously, Yamapi whining about sweaty palms? )

This is one of the days when I wish I were a robot.

Do you know the feeling of having huge stones at the pit of your stomach? It was just like that, what I felt last night, er, I mean, early that morning. So much for my stalking skills, heh. I felt really stupid, browsing through his old blog entries at 2 AM, laughing at his antics (cheering for the Lakers, ranting about DotA, posting his drawings), learning that he actually did martial arts, and well, reading about his... past love? Is it really past? I remember him brooding about it one time, huddled in a small corner, mumbling that 'she was far, far away', somewhere in the States. I found myself laughing about how he was such a romantic, a subtle one at that--barely showing that side of himself to us--and at the same time, found myself... envious? Jealous? I don't know. He told me a few stories about her, and though I noted how subdued he tried to keep his tone, I could see how sincerely happy he was when he talked about her. I still get mixed feelings about it. I'm happy. I'm sad. I'm proud. I'm jealous. I don't know.

And until now, I'm in denial. Still trying to convince myself I don't like him that way.

And for a good reason, actually. We're friends. Add to that my trauma about... relationships. I'm no good at it. When I fall, I fall hard. I fall easily. And the last thing I want is to lose someone because of that. Because of... 'love'. If that's even the right word to use. I see him as someone I want to be with for a long, long time. 'Love' ruins that. 'Love' doesn't last. At least not in the way people want it to.

I don't want to make the same mistake again. :(

Guess who this was inspired by?
(Asked him to draw something like this pero hanggang ngayon wala pa rin XD)

Am I bad for not being happy at my friend's happiness?

You know... how much I dislike him. I still do. I'm not really happy the way things are. I know I should be happy for you because you're a friend. But something about him just irks me. Maybe it's his guts, or the way he takes you for granted. The way I think he uses you for personal gain. The way you shower him with "love". I was almost too happy to think you've finally come to your senses, to the realization that he's most probably just using you, a pastime, a one-night stand, however you call it. 

How much more hurt will you seek to finally understand he's a fucking bastard?

I love you this way. I may be penniless and eternally broke to hang out with you most of the time, but I love you nonetheless. I love you like a nagging mother, the one who gives endless sermons even when nobody cares to listen. I may be the only one who's vocally-expressive about my despise for him, but then again, someone needs to constantly remind you that he's not worth the time, the tears, and the love.

Hm, okay. Just needed to get that out of my system. What's new? I have this weird headache at the side of my head. I think I'm sick, but my body tells me otherwise. I'm probably imagining things. In other news, I've just begun to keep in touch with my pseudo-artistic side again, via craptastic CG practices of mutilated body parts such as heads. Also, I'm planning to draw again for my semi-abandoned comic series, Paradise. Hohoho~ So much for planning. I've been planning too much and accomplishing totally nothing. Ack. XD

Here be Natasha Clavarine in chibi form, the series' main character. :D

Now here's my recently finished CG of our yearbook cover.
I know, so late. But here's one lazy fella for ya. :P Lineart by my bestfriend. :>

I hope my creative stint doesn't die out anytime soon. I've really missed drawing. ;A; I hope sembreak proves to be a productive season for me. *crosses fingers*

Because there's no other way but UP.

I actually remember making these icons last year, but haven't posted anywhere except for my Multiply frontpage (where I've since removed it from). Anyway, appropriate icon post is appropriate. :P

Please forgive me for the horrible text styling. XD 


Congratulations to the UP Pep Squad for grabbing first place in the UAAP Cheerdance Competition! \m/

In other news, I've been feeling a lot better now. And while my academic life isn't going too well, I somehow feel accomplished for doing other things. Like helping my blockmate with the poster for our course-wide organization, APTS. Harvey was kind of teasing me about being Vice President for Advertising and Communication next year, but eh, I don't think I'm capable enough although my alter ego seems to enjoy the idea a lot. :P

Hm, my editing's improved a lot, I think. XD 

So there, I think I'd like to start being active on Livejournal again. I've been doing a lot of mindless photo and reblog posts on my Tumblr, which I think is beginning to take a toll on my literary side. Well that's lazy blogging for you, kiddies. Besides, I've been backreading all my entries here for the past few days, and hit upon the realization that I can't really abandon this account altogether. Too much memories. ♥

Happiness is a Cigar Called Tash. (Slogan Meme)

So yeah, got this from Facebook, but I'm posting here. :D

Cut and paste then use THIS website.
Add your name then paste the results.

Collapse )

or anyone else who wants to do this. :D

For other things, goodbye to former president Cory Aquino. After reading your speech for Fulbright, my respect for you rose a little higher. You will not be forgotten. :)

Awesome drama is awesome.

Now I know I'm already 24897923502513 years late for this, but I just finished watching Ryuusei no Kizuna yesterday! I was so very, very impressed. The storyline knows not to mock the viewers' intelligence and I'm utterly pleased by that. Hm, wait, this warrants giant text.

Ryuusei no Kizuna is one of the best dramas I've ever seen EVER. 8Dv

I haven't seen a lot, but still. O:

So anyway, it had my brain cells working ALL THE TIME. I'm glad I guessed right most of the time, though. You know, the sudden turn in events? Me and Adrianne were always into serious!discussion mode and pausing our streaming every now and then to think about the probable suspect/who gets caught/whatever. XD

And Kaname Jun = ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

WTHHHH, I died seeing him act like a dork. I mean, I first saw him on RESCUE (yes, I watched RESCUE first *fail*) and seeing him very serious with Katsuragi, I was like, "NOOOO WHO IS THIS I SEE?!?!"

Hm, what else. Ah, I liked it that they didn't focus on the possible love angle between Taisuke and Shizuna--because that would've been kind of wrong (even if they weren't siblings and stuff). They left obvious hints here and there, sappy moments but nothing too heavy. Unlike here, when given that circumstance, dramas tend to swerve to an inappropriate, not to mention liberated, feel of "I WANT TO BED YOU BECAUSE WE'RE NOT SIBLINGS AFTER ALL". Such a sad thing.

So returning to Yukinari and Shizuna... they were just asjkdsahkfsfskl;; I mean, even when I don't write het now I still do like het when I find cute and believable ones. XDv Such an adorable coupling. 8D

Admittedly, even when I initially watched it just to see Ryo's performance, I was definitely awed by Nino. I mean, he can act using just his eyes! It was... somehow scary. And his eyes could turn from an emotion to another really, really quickly! Or portray two different emotions at the same time. I found that fact really awesome. Even when he doesn't put in gestures, his eyes alone tell you exactly what his character is feeling--now that's what you call acting. Now I finally understand what Ryo and Yamapi lacks when it comes to the acting department. D:

On another note, I've started watching 1 Liter of Tears dubbed on one of our local channels. I don't really like how they got straight to the point with the problem of the story, but uh, it can't be helped, I guess, considering the limited timeslot networks allot for their shows. Hm, the voices for the mom, dad, doctor, the friend and the little girl were okay, but Ako's voice is just horrible. D: Haruto's and Aya's are so-so. But the most horrible of all, is well, the freaking theme song and it makes me want to stab the TV every time it plays. "Walang hanggan~" WTEFFF, seriously. ;_______;

The look-alike is gone.

Because I'm feeling just a little bit vain. Um, a one-minute demo cover of ayaka's Meiro. Should I sing the entire song or would that be too ambitious of me? Constructive crit, please. D8


For other news, Shakey's!Pi is gone. :'((

We went there last Sunday, with our hopes up that we might see him again, but sadly, he isn't working there anymore. His co-worker told us that he had stopped working part-time to focus (full-time) on his studies. Proves my little theory of him being a working student with a summer job right. But before you grieve, that same co-worker said he'd be working there again during the summer of next year--which means we can stalk him again! :D

EDIT: Something I just remembered. He still visits that Shakey's branch once in a while, according to a colleague. So who knows if you can spot him there. 8Dv

In memory of him (lol), I'm compiling encounter posts, and so far I have two. If you've had an encounter with Shakey's!Pi, please do share a post or so about it.

chartre 's HERE
reuslurid 's HERE

The above two are f-locked, though, and I don't know how you're going to be able to read these unless the owners allow you access. 8'D