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Am I bad for not being happy at my friend's happiness?

You know... how much I dislike him. I still do. I'm not really happy the way things are. I know I should be happy for you because you're a friend. But something about him just irks me. Maybe it's his guts, or the way he takes you for granted. The way I think he uses you for personal gain. The way you shower him with "love". I was almost too happy to think you've finally come to your senses, to the realization that he's most probably just using you, a pastime, a one-night stand, however you call it. 

How much more hurt will you seek to finally understand he's a fucking bastard?

I love you this way. I may be penniless and eternally broke to hang out with you most of the time, but I love you nonetheless. I love you like a nagging mother, the one who gives endless sermons even when nobody cares to listen. I may be the only one who's vocally-expressive about my despise for him, but then again, someone needs to constantly remind you that he's not worth the time, the tears, and the love.

Hm, okay. Just needed to get that out of my system. What's new? I have this weird headache at the side of my head. I think I'm sick, but my body tells me otherwise. I'm probably imagining things. In other news, I've just begun to keep in touch with my pseudo-artistic side again, via craptastic CG practices of mutilated body parts such as heads. Also, I'm planning to draw again for my semi-abandoned comic series, Paradise. Hohoho~ So much for planning. I've been planning too much and accomplishing totally nothing. Ack. XD

Here be Natasha Clavarine in chibi form, the series' main character. :D

Now here's my recently finished CG of our yearbook cover.
I know, so late. But here's one lazy fella for ya. :P Lineart by my bestfriend. :>

I hope my creative stint doesn't die out anytime soon. I've really missed drawing. ;A; I hope sembreak proves to be a productive season for me. *crosses fingers*
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