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Christmas Wishlist '10

Christmas Wishlist ‘10 (a.k.a The-Wishlist-That-Will-Never-Be-Granted)
In no particular order. :D

1) Nude lipstick
Doesn’t have to be a MAC like in this photo, though. It can be Revlon or whatever. :P It just has to be nude and preferably not sheer. XD

2) Classic black pumps
There’s nothing like a good pair of black pumps to match practically anything. ;D

3) High power zoom lens
The first time I got a hold of my aunt’s AF-S DX NIKKOR 55-300mm f/4.5-5.6G ED VR, I wanted to keep it forever. So yes, this specific lens for my D60, please. ;)

4) Manga
Preferably the Ouran High School Host Club volume series, yes? :D

5) Brass camera necklace
Let me put emphasis on brass since gold or silver doesn’t work for me. XD I remember ogling at a tiny stall in a mall housing these babies, had them priced at 180 PHP each.

6) NEWS LIVE album
Hohoho. Fandom strikes again! Admittedly not my favorite among their releases, but cool cover plus bonus footage spells it for me. :D

7) Copic markers
These aren’t your ordinary markers. NOT like Sharpies, Stabilo, or Crayola. These do wonders. Like give traditional artwork a really cool CG-effect look. Plus, they blend awesomely. Unfortunately, these are priced wonderfully too. *le sigh* D:

So yeah, my current wishlist. PRZ to be seeing this, Santa? 8’D

(Reposted from my Tumblr; photos not mine)
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