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Once a fandom, always a fandom.

Walking Backwards
Author: takeoutfries 
Word Count: 577
Rating: G
Characters: Yamashita Shoon, Ya-Ya-yah
Genre: Drama, Angst, General
Summary: Looking ahead also means tracing the steps you've left behind.

Author’s Notes: I still love my old fandom, you know?


For a moment, he thought that was their chance--his heart thumping at the rumors spreading like wildfire, reading fanblogs that readily supported the notion, and if only he didn't have a mild case of short-term memory loss, he was almost positive that he had spotted a newspaper article predicting it, listing a hundred reasons why and how it was plausible, with only an official announcement left to confirm it--and maybe, just maybe he could finally grow out of that title by next spring.

Yes, he would be a junior no more.

However, by some clash of events, things hadn't gone as he wished, as they wished. It was a formation here, a separation there, an indefinite stint here, a slight experiment there--all of which led to one of two losses.

Their disbandment.

He remembered smiling, wishing two of their now-former members the best of luck, something which he thought he needed more than they needed it, remembered his own smile falling as he watched the two walk away, following their now-current manager into the conference room to talk about things regarding the new group--rehearsal schedules, production matters, future plans.

It was a quick thing, he recalled, done on short notice, ignoring years of hardwork, experience, and everything he thought that mattered for a group. That was when he realized that was it, no room for complaints, no arguments to be entertained, period.

The thing was a quiet affair, with routines flowing back into a steady stream of humdrum, change filling up its place in the daily space of work. There was nothing he could do.

He closed his eyes and tried to pretend it never happened.

"What are you doing?"

It was this voice, that made him feel alright with the change, kept him sane and together for those downhill moments.

"I said, what are you doing?"

He opened his eyes, blinked a few times and smiled. "What is it with that smile?" another voice chimed in, apparently making fun of him. "It looks like you haven't eaten for days," yet another remarked, a playful tone evident in it.

"What, why am I the person teased now?"

"Looks like you needed it," came the reassuring answer, sincere and that was when he noticed Taiyou pulling hard at his fishing pole, the line sliding down and down and--

"Ahhh, it's slipping!" Then Yabu quickly lunged himself, hugging Taiyou's waist and started walking backwards, with Hikaru following suit. "Oh man, it's heavy!" Taiyou momentarily left his pained expression at pulling the catch, "The fish?" Hikaru rolled his eyes, "No, both you and the fish!" "Stop the talking, more on the pulling!" Yabu cut them both, exasperated and tired.

He couldn't help but laugh at the scene--it was just plain stupid and silly and so like them.

"What are you laughing about, Shoon?" Hikaru sharply bit out, "Help us or we won't have anything for lunch!" To which Taiyou quickly added, "And if we get this by ourselves, you'll be staring at an empty plate!"

Shoon found himself scrambling to the three, chuckling before turning to pull at Hikaru's waist, walking backwards like the rest of them, feet scraping against the dusty ground.

Walking backwards.

"At the count of three we'll make one big pull, okay?" Yabu instructed. "Now, one, two, three--pull!" And everyone jerked back, falling on the grass, laughing at themselves. The fish was caught.

This is the present, he thought, smiling.

Tags: je: ya-ya-yah
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