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A little bit disappointed.

I just saw the short version for KAT-TUN's RESCUE PV and I was mildly really disappointed. Seriously, why do I have this nagging feeling that there's some kind of bias within the group? Why, just because the song is for Nakamaru's drama it should be made on a lower budget? I don't get it sometimes. Hello, KAT-TUN =/= Kame (or Jin), okay?

JE, you fail.

Before ending my rant, if anyone's interested, the short version for the PV is up for grabs at kattunlove. I probably wouldn't download the full version when it comes out. Unless something changes my mind.

I think even NEWS' Happy Birthday was better. OR THAT COULD JUST BE BECAUSE OF MY BIAS.

EDIT: You might disagree with me on this, though. But I don't know, I just don't really have a penchant for dance PVs with some girl shaking her booties off around KAT-TUN. The running was a nice touch though. See? I am not that biased after all. Or maybe I should just wait for something of better quality. D:

EDIT #2: I downloaded the PV after all. DANG HQ-NESS COULDN'T KEEP ME FROM SNAGGING.

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