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22 December 2032 @ 04:26 pm
Read and understand.  

A few things:

1. No random adding.
Please, please don't do this. Adding people just to make your f-list longer isn't a cool thing. Really.

2. No bashing/flaming groups or people in fandom.
There are times when it's unavoidable but as much as possible let's keep our hate to a minimum.

3. Comment once in a while.
I'm no comment whore, but a comment or two in a month probably wouldn't hurt anyone. That's my way to know if you people are still alive. I mean, adding and not commenting would seem a little scary, huh?

4. No comment spams.
Things like, "Please join our [insert-JE-group-here] community/fan-club!" irk me. This is a personal journal. If you'd like to advertise things, do them on communities.

5. No "Add me, then I'll add you"s.
Sorry, I'm no friend-whore so if you'd rather be friends with that condition then I'm not the friend for you.

6. No stealing.
I make my own graphics (wallpapers, banners, etc) unless otherwise stated. To steal something from me would make you look like a fool since I don't even make the best things out there--though odd, because I've been stolen from once.

7. Have something in common with me.
I didn't think it needed to be said, but I guess the obvious must be stated. We should at least share a common interest because why the heck would you be adding me in the first place?

8. Comment on this post.
Just to make sure you've read everything, you should put the word "fries" anywhere on your reply to this entry. Unless you're some special person (RL friends, close LJ friends), the above is a requirement.

I guess that's about it. I'm in a state of blankness right now so I might've skipped a few ideas which I'll probably add later.
Current Music: Tegomass - Aiaigasa
ialem_yuki: chiii~ialem_yuki on December 24th, 2008 01:25 pm (UTC)

Pati pala YM mo iba na. Di man lang nagsalita. -_-


joke lang.
nakakamiss kayo dudeness.

Nahihirapan na kasi rin ako bumisita kahit may time. Kasi naman. Masyado nang mahigpit ang mga gwards sa DC.

Anyways, I hope you're doing fine. Both in extra-co-academic-curricular activities.

(asus. si tash pa.)

Say 'HI' to Otax for me. ~^_^~

I miss you guys.
I'll try to drop by soon. Probably sa fair?
(ang tagal ah. haha. XD)

Then again, Happy Holidays again Tash. XD
i like crispy ones with cheese dips ♥takeoutfries on December 24th, 2008 01:38 pm (UTC)
HOMAIGADS. Akala ko naintindihan mo na yung ibigsabihin kong, "MOVED" sa LJ. Akala ko magpi-PM ka. Yun ang ginawa ng iba eh. XDD Buti na lang RL friend ka, kundi wala kang lusot.

Anyway, nag-GM kaya ako sa Y!M dati na may bagong Y!M na'ko. Andami atang hindi nakatanggap. D:

Okay lang. Lahat naman tayo busy eh. Take your time na lang. Pero fair ah, darating ka ah?

LOL. 'Di kaya. Ansaklap nga eh. 'Di na'ko nakaka-attend ng classes dahil sa practices sa chorale. D:

Happy Holidays din. ILU. ♥