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Yamapi works at Shakey's!

Very, very late post about my chance encounter with "Yamapi". A few people from my f-list already know this story so if you're one of them, feel free to skip. Also, this post works better if you know Tagalog--because I won't be translating the dialogues found herein, since doing so would ruin the hilarity.

Here be "Yamashita Tomohisa" as a local Shakey's waiter. XD

(Feel free to click on the photos for FULL VIEW)

So well, our family decided to eat at some Shakey's franchise on that fateful Sunday noon. I got into the restaurant first and I was met by one of the waiters, asking how many people were going to be on a table, so I turned to look at our troop and started counting. That same waiter led us to one of the tables, and as soon as we got seated--I DIED. I started scream!whispering, "OMG, SI YAMAPIIIIIII ASDHASKJFASLJFKL!!!"


And what any fangirl would do at the sight of a JE look-alike? Whip up her camera, of course!

Well, to be specific, this is patpating!Yamapi (patpat = thin) who looks around the Nobuta wo Produce era. :D

Un-cropped version of the first photo.
Here be my sister being very malandi at the sight of "Yamapi".

During this time, I was doing a lot of shoot-and-miss attempts at taking paparazzi!photos of "Yamapi", even going as far as telling my sister, "O Adrianne, magpose ka nga dito," whenever "Yamapi" came to our table, lol.

My younger siblings (aged 7 and 10) and my cousins (even my boy cousin who I highly suspect to be bading) were all really flaily with "Yamapi" serving our table, raising their legs and hyperventilating every time "Yamapi" brought our orders. I guess it was a good thing teaching them about NEWS the weeeek (yes, I fail at puns) prior. XP

However, since they were so obvious, "Yamapi" already knew that he was being paparazzi-ed and thus resulted him to being alaska-ed (alaska = tease) by his fellow employees whenever he returned to the counter. His co-workers would whisper to him and turn their glances to our table.

Luckily, "Yamapi" was very polite and never did once ask why we were paparazzi-ing him like crazy (despite our loud whispers of, "OMGGG ANG HOT NIYA", "BAKIT ANDITO SI YAMAPI?!", "DAPAT NAG-JE NA LANG SIYA!" or "PWEDE SIYANG STUNT DOUBLE NI YAMAPI!").

In fact, he was SO conscious about our paparazzi-ing that he couldn't help but put on a slight smile (you can see it here, bbs--just the slightest curl of lips!). But then again I was totally crazy (sample scenario: "O dali Teptep, Mark, pose kayo nang maayos!" then fly!pointing the camera to "Yamapi" who's obviously on the other side), the least I deserved was a laugh, rofl.

But for serious guys, except for the lack of an angled jaw and the slightly different nose (and of course the voice), he got every Yamapi aspect down--including the tindig, lakad and expression. And swear, his face was smooth (saw it upclose) as in too makinis to be a waiter--so unfair. D:

The last photo I took. *sniff*

I was really sad I couldn't ask him for a photo with us because WHAT THE HECK MY PARENTS WERE THERE (Dad: "Ano, pati ba naman waiter pinapatulan niyo!?") and because we were too shy.

So anyway, due to the suggestion from my sister, we decided to leave him a note (just so we wouldn't leave him too curious as to why we were acting like that), which we included with the tip we left on our table. (Took quite a while too because we were waiting for my dad to leave the table so he wouldn't see D:)

I wrote:




Put extra emphasis on the underline on Yamapi, lol. Well, I really wish he did check Yamapi out (even if it meant seeing Pi in An An on the front page XD). I hope he doesn't think of Yamapi as a pornstar. ;P

Dang. If I see him on my birthday I'm going to make him wear a Yamapi wig and make him lipsync to Daite Señorita. WITH MATCHING DANCE MOVES (read: hip swivels LOL).

So you stalkers out there, he works at the Shakey's Shaw Blvd. branch. You pass by a flyover and about two gas stations (the place is also about 5 minutes away from SM Megamall), I think. I'm guessing he only works there part-time (for the summer maybe) since he looks like a university student to me--but you makapal ang mukha fans can probably go and ask the manager for his work shifts, rofl. Don't forget to inform me when you do! LOLOL.

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