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26 April 2009 @ 05:36 pm
Why so much awesome, fandom?  
'Kay so I just DL-ed the Koi no ABO single last night and ASDGJHDSKJGL apparently I'm still in love with Share. IT SOUNDS SO GOOD IN 320 kbps quality. DDDD:

Then I DL-ed the Music Station performance for Koi no ABO AND OMGSOMEONEGIVEMEAIIIIIR MY OTP IS BAAAAACCCKKK. *rabid keysmash* But I know Tegoslut is just doing this to promote Tegomass (because HELLO SWEDEN and POSSIBLE SINGLE?). WHY THE FAKE, BB? But still, my fangirl heart has never been this happy since circa TEGOMASSWENTONAFERRISWHEELTOGETHER. ♥♥♥

And the DVD, OHGAWD THE DVD. More Shige!bullying, how wonderful~ And poor Massu, always the misunderstood one. It's okay, Buta-chan, I'll still love you.

Anyhow, on a totally random note, you guys should watch THIS, especially people interested with drawing-slash-anime/manga. Some Flip guy did this animation for his girlfriend--and it's really heartbreaking. DD: WATCH IT PRZ. And don't forget to check the links on his video description, the link to how he did it (which then leads to his dA account) and stuff.

... Oh well, I'm now eating my mum's so-called "Yamapi rice" (she named it this way, swear!). But I fail with chopsticks (the thread of which is colored yellow because MASSU!). And I still think "Massu rice" was better. No kidding, my mum calls the rice recipes she makes after NEWS members. She even plans to build a restaurant (with posters of NEWS on the walls, with NEWS songs playing) and name the food after the members' names. She's so crazy.
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Current Music: NEWS - Koi no ABO
mihsayam on April 26th, 2009 11:41 am (UTC)
IF there is one thing I like Massu, it's that he's bad in in faking fanservice. XD Ewan ko, mas natural yung dating. Especially in an idol factory like JE, it's a breath of fresh air. Pero seriously, I'm really curious on how these boys are in real life.

For instance, Tegoshi IS really manly in reality. Probably even more so than Massu is. Tsaka if I'm not mistaken, he isn't very friendly daw. Like, medyo intimidating and cold type of guy. While Massu is quite the talkative type naman daw - which we don't see much diba? XD

Ewan, pero those were based to the people who've worked with them. So I kind of trust those. Basically, if you've summed up the impressions of the people they've collaborated with, yan yung impression dba?