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Disappointed and overjoyed. At the same time.

Well, I guess I expected too much from this year's Shounen Club Christmas Special. I fell asleep last night waiting for it, only to be informed it was moved at 6:30 pm today when I had suffered an hour and a half watching random crap shows I would never really bother with.

I was disappointed, really. I mean, I love the juniors and all, I love A.B.C-Z, I love Kis-My-Ft2, I especially love Question? and all the other cuties like Nakayama Yuuma (who by the way is growing more and more handsome, both in voice and in looks) and Koki's little bro (who I fail to name but is really adorable with his confident rapping)--oh, and I love that comic duo from the Kansai juniors (who I also fail to name).


You know, I was expecting some seniors to show up--not some old footage of their performances. Even last year had Tackey. What is happening to Shokura? I swear if Koyama and Nakamaru would, by some curse, quit hosting Shokura, I'd most probably quit watching the show altogether--most probably.

Anyway, I was really happy to know that Kisumai and A.B.C-Z finally had their first concert ever (after backdancing for the senpais 85389248325823 times since the world began). But is it me, or are they doing it for Hasshi? I mean, they only held that concert after A.B.C's transformation into A.B.C-Z. Hm, something fishy might be going on. Do I smell a debut? Too early to tell. I hope a NewS-slash-HSJ-styled debut won't happen again. It's just too painful for the fans--though I doubt they'd care.

Then there's sweet, sweet Nakayama Yuuma. I've never really taken note of him before but he's seriously, really good now. Even better than a lot of debuted people. *cough*HSJ*cough* He's maturing quite gracefully, unlike Yabu who might be doomed to an eternal squeaky voice for the rest of his life (though I really hope he won't be).

Though this SP didn't make much of an impression on me, the January episodes might be enough to make me happy. *squee*Uchi*squee*

As for real life, I've been dead on LJ for a pretty good reason. I'm in a chorale, competing in various choir competitions. Such as EDSA Central's "Merry Makers" (December 20) where we won Champion after battling it out against much older choirs (which are, by the way, co-ed, leaving us the only all-female group) and Market! Market's "Holiday Hymns" (December 21) where we won 1st place, just under University of Makati.


DCHSingers and the University of Makati Chorale.

With Ms. Elsie Eranista, the conductor for University of Makati and member of UP's Philippine Madrigal Singers (Batch 1993-2004)

With the trophy.

Now that rant's over, would someone give props to this man for being a genius? Mind you, he sang all the voices you might be hearing right now.

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