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takeoutfries's Journal

i like crispy ones with cheese dips ♥

Hi, I used to be on this account but now I've moved here for personal reasons, like avoiding stalker-ish RL people
who fuss over a bunch of music pieces as a hobby
. Rules are pretty much the same--I'll add friends from my former
account and for those I might've forgotten, you're also much welcome to add me should you still want me in your
f-list. Which I doubt, of course. I guess, lol.

T a s h y ● 19 ● College junior ● Altophobic ● Insomniac ● Pessimist ● Procrastination major ● Social nerd ●
Otaku since kindergarten, Johnny’s fangirl since December 2007 ● Has a list of nicknames the length of the Nile ●
Slaps people with a flat palm and outstretched fingers like school desks one seat apart without warning ● Is often
compared to a chatterbox because of her motor mouth and animated gestures ● Tends to rant and complain about
random things all the time ● Is prone to keyboard smashing and capslock abuse ● E T C.

LOVES: Johnny's Entertainment ♥ (NEWS [8-nin!], Tegomass, Ya-Ya-yah, Kanjani8, KAT-TUN, ARASHI, KinKi Kids,
Tackey & Tsubasa), ◙╬▲X, DCHSingerS ♫, The Dominican Achiever ♣, anime, j-dramas, home-made pizza with instant
Italian pizza sauce, quickmelt cheese, parsley leaves, and garlic powder, blueberry cheesecake, thought-provoking
photography, lol-inducing icons, coherent people who are sometimes incoherent (or it could be the other way around),
classmates, teachers, family, GOD ✚

HATES: profanity, backstabbing, negative rumors, letdowns, too much liberalism

fic journal: ketchupscribble
music dumpsite: shoestringsong
icon/wallpaper junkyard: paintpuddle
cover releases: brandedbrides
Everything else besides the fic journal is under construction.

pusong_kahon | refuted | dafont | sanami@dA | ransie@dA

twitter | tumblr | facebook | multiply